Civilized World

An inspired collection of songs that flows through themes such as past travels, deep connections to friends and family come and gone, to the the evolving world around us. From the opening song, Jerolim, the listener is drawn into beautiful melodies, harmonies and rhythm, which sets the contemporary mood of the album. Civilized World blends traditional with modern cultures, world and folk-roots music, creating a rich, intriguing tapestry of acoustic ambience. On Fallen Star, the use of pulsing Bodhrans with featured violin and accordion, together with superb guitar playing, shows the versatile nature of the band in a distinctive Celtic-Italian feel. The album is filled with stunning musical performances, movements and engaging vocal arrangements, like in the hypnotic groove of Rhythm of Life and the enticing guitar roots driven Coffee Cup, to the sublime and meditative Sacred Stones, bringing a timeless resonance to this latest recording.
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