Hramony of Mind and Nature

Recorded on one of the busiest corners in the world in Brixton, London, where the vibrant buzz of the city is matched with a celebrated mix of multi-cultural life, this album makes use of samples that reflect that urban landscape, interwoven with haunting lead vocals and beautifully rendered acoustic instruments such as Tibetan bowls, darabouka, didgeridoo, flutes, violin, guitars and accordion. The stories within the songs touch on poignant themes like birth and regeneration and the quest for balance between the forces of mind and nature. Many sounds appear within the music, from the streets of Brixton in Afterglow, to Aurora's heartbeat inside her mother's womb, and the bustle of Algiers as the call to prayer sounds at Bab El Oued. Ancient Evenings is a dream of the past that could be the future. Migration is dedicated to Amos who lives on the Six Nations reserve in the Mohawk Valley near Niagara Falls. He is trying to keep the culture of his people alive through music and the internet. Water from Stone celebrates the Aboriginal people who sing the songlines.

All the indigenous instruments used in our music are played with respect, and for the preservation of knowledge for future generations.

There is an ancient Mayan saying "e vam maya e ha ho" which means:

All Hail to the Harmony of Mind and Nature

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